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ebook coverThis version of the online program includes the following chapters, along with worksheets for the daily activities… all designed to inspire you toward God-Confidence.

  • Introduction
  • Do you Suffer From Low Self-Esteem?  Do you Know How to Tell?
  • How My Life Changed in Just 21 Days
  • Your Life Can Change in Amazing Ways, Too!
  • An Explanation of Confidence
  • A Word About Habits
  • Why and How to Study the Bible
  • Prepare Yourself
  • 21 Day Journey with a Small Group
  • Day 1: Getting Started
  • Day 2: A Word About Misperceptions
  • Day 3: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You
  • Day 4 – 11 Suggested Scripture
  • Day 12: Training the Mind Because We Are What We Think
  • Day 13 – 20 Suggested Scripture
  • Day 21: Training the Mind Against the Enemy
  • What’s Next?

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