Bible Study Tip 7

Get a Study Buddy to study the Bible with

Find a buddy who shares your passion for studying the Bible regularly.


Finding someone to study with does two things:

  1. It makes you accountable (responsible) for keeping the commitment you made to study God’s Word.
  2. It provides you with someone to reason things out and discuss key insights and personal revelations from reading the scriptures.

An ideal study buddy will respect confidentiality, pass no judgment, set clear boundaries, show up on time to scheduled sessions, stay on target, and invite follow up for progress.

Being accountable and sharing your thoughts with another human being can challenge or confirm your interpretation of the scripture, both of which can lead to increased clarity about God’s personal message for you.  Also, this accountability and exchange of key insights can be done in person (face to face), over the phone, or online.  Either way, the sharing of ideas and accountability will enable you to be more successful in your Bible study efforts.


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