Build Confidence by Learning Something New

By Kristen Clark

How we feel about ourselves plays a critical role in our overall success.  Feelings of insufficiency can cause us to sell ourselves short while feelings of confidence can help us reach for the stars.  Start reaching for your stars by learning something new.

One way to build inner confidence is to learn something new.  By learning something new we develop and discover hidden talents and expand our knowledge and abilities.  In doing so, we start to realize our capabilities and naturally begin to believe in ourselves.  Thankfully, learning something new doesn’t necessarily mean learning something complex or complicated.  It can be as simple as learning to cook a new dish.

Here are some examples of new things to learn:

  • A scientific fact, like the risk of being struck by a meteorite once every 9,300 years
  • A new recipe, which could be a main dish, side dish, or dessert
  • An old historic pastime like knitting, crocheting, or embroidery
  • About a country, including somewhere you’ve dreamed of vacationing
  • To play a new board-game like chess or monopoly
  • To tell jokes and stories really well
  • To play an instrument or write music
  • To speak a foreign language
  • To build bird houses and create a birder’s paradise
  • The historical and cultural impact on classic literature

Over the past six months I have learned how to drive traffic to my website, make 3D art with butterfly punches, and lower my blood pressure.  I have learned about the black-bellied whistling duck, how to attract butterflies to my garden, and how sweet potatoes can help me lose weight.  I have learned the art of writing an inspirational letter to a complete stranger and what to listen for when car breaks need replacing.  But most importantly, I have learned that there’s really not too much I can’t do when I put my mind to it.

Develop your self-image by learning something new.  Attend a continuing education class, either in person or online, and learn about basket weaving, accounting, or photography. Watch educational TV shows about nature and science. Read a book about a famous person and their legacy. Join an association or club that specializes in developing a talent you don’t have but would like to.  Inquire about a subject you’re interested in; research it, ask questions about it, increase your curiosity about it.

Proverbs 18:15 reminds us that an intelligent heart acquires knowledge. Once you’ve learned something new, take some time to assess how the experience makes you feel about yourself and your abilities.  Do you feel more open-minded?  Do you feel a sense of creativity and innovation? Learning something new is a growth opportunity and you should notice a marked improvement in your sense of accomplishment and pride as a result.


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