Build Self-Esteem by Discovering and Celebrating Hidden Talents

By Kristen Clark

One approach to building self-esteem is discovering and celebrating hidden talents.  Unfortunately, people with low self-esteem often don’t know what they’re truly good at.   Thankfully, the things we’re good at are often the very things we enjoy doing most.   Follow these four steps to discover and celebrate your hidden talents and feel your self-esteem rise in the process.

Projects we enjoy doing at the office or hobbies we carve out time for during the weekends are good indicators of our talents – natural or learned.  These are the activities that help us feel good about ourselves.  When we experience the results of using our talents in these areas, we begin to recognize and believe more deeply in our abilities.  If you want to boost your self-esteem, follow these four simple steps for discovering and using your talents.

1. Identify current interests.  Make a mental note of the activities you currently enjoy and why.  Ask yourself what it is specifically about these activities that inspires and satisfies you.  Assess your interest and your skill.  The things you already like to do are probably things you are also good at doing.  Keep doing those things and if needed, find a way to do them more often.

2. Ask others about their interests.  Talk to friends, family members, and colleagues about how they discovered their passion and what they did to sharpen their skills.   Perhaps you’ll find that you have similar interests; if so, you can pursue those interests together.  Or, temporarily borrow their interests; try their passions on for size and see how you feel about them.  You might feel a little out of your comfort zone, but it may be a worthwhile experience in identifying new and exciting talents of your own.  If you decide you don’t like something once you’ve tried it, you will still have gained some great insight into yourself.

3. Research interests online. The Internet is a great way to explore new ideas and opportunities without investing significant time or money in the experience.   Explore various online courses to see if anything peaks your curiosity.  Check out interest groups, forums, and chat rooms and search for conversations that appeal to you.  Identify why the conversation appeals to you and assess if you have the skills needed to participate.  If not, take a class and learn how.  If so, dive right in. 

4. Take community classes. Community classes are an excellent way to discover talents and passions. Most classes are usually local and easily accessible.  Many classes are affordable and require little additional knowledge or training.  Some classes are offered frequently during the year so you can attend one at your convenience.  Once you’ve chosen a class to attend, you’ll get a good idea about the subject over the span of the course. At the end, you can decide whether or not it’s right for you. If not, you can move on and try a different course until you find an interest and corresponding hidden talents that meshes well with your needs and desires.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.  The goal is to build self-esteem by identifying hidden talents.  Make an investment in yourself by uncovering your own hidden talents and nurture those talents to your heart’s content.  Doing so will lead to deep fulfillment and personal satisfaction.  And, you might even have some fun in the process.


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