Day 2 Audio Recording about Perception

Today’s activity includes listening to my introduction about perception and how we have misperceptions when we look at things through distorted lenses.  Double click on the links below to start this recording, or right click on them and save them to your hard drive for listening to later.  This recording is about 20 minutes long in total.

Day 2 Recording – Misperception Part 1

Day 2 Recording – Misperception Part 2

Once you have finished listening to this complete recording, take a few minutes to meditate on what you heard and:

  • Identify three things that you had a misperception about as a result of your lenses being distorted by your wants, needs, prejudices, experiences (including education), and memories; and
  • Think about how your brain has been hijacked to make you think negatively about yourself.

Make a note of any key insights.


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