For Coaches, Counselors, or Therapists

Do you have female clients that flagrantly struggle with confidence?

Wouldn’t you love to help them develop self-esteem?

Have you been looking for a simple way to do just that?  

As a woman wearing many hats, I have learned the value of maintaining high levels of self-confidence.  It is only with this assurance I am able to triumphantly meet the needs of my clients, serve my husband and family, and shepherd others in ministry.  But having self-confidence didn’t come naturally.  I had to develop this certitude through the daily habit of aligning my thoughts about myself with what God says about me.

For me, this exercise needs to be a daily habit, otherwise I struggle.  My mind becomes a playground for the voice of the enemy and I begin to feel undeserving, ill-equipped, and insufficient.  Simple tasks become significant challenges.  It takes longer to organize my lesson plan, clarify instructions for the staff and volunteers, and forgive harsh criticism.  My best intentions become the target of fear: of failure, rejection, or exposure.  I rationalize and justify behavior that contradicts my efforts and I start to question my ability.

Does this sound like any of your clients?

I’d like to introduce you to my course, 21 Day Journey to Seeing Yourself as God Sees You, which I created especially for women with low self-esteem.  Additionally, I’d like to offer an invitation for ONE of your clients to participate in my program AT NO CHARGE.  Or, you are welcome to participate in the program yourself if you prefer.

Through this program, participants get a daily dose of their value and worth in God’s Kingdom, and will understand that as believers we are all children of the Most High King.  We are His ambassadors and set apart for a holy purpose.  We have been hand-picked, hand-chosen, and mercifully forgiven.  We are the work of His hand.  We have been created perfectly and for His glory.  AND we can do all things through Him who strengthens us.

Do your clients believe this about themselves?

If not, they can learn to replace their negative feelings with facts.  Their confidence will return and they will become more able to navigate change at work, overcome setbacks at home, and respond to constructive feedback while meeting the needs of others.  As their confidence in God grows, so will their opportunity to succeed in life.

Please email me at for additional information about me and this program.


Kristen Clark
Self-Esteem and Confidence Expert
Member of the American Association
of Christian Counselors

P.S. See below for quotes from other women who have taken this program.

Christine said, “I can tell you I absolutely LOVE looking up key words in the Bible passages! It has really opened my eyes to seeing God through the Scriptures and in my journaling time! I must become more diligent about my morning time with God! Thank you for this blessed opportunity and I am hoping and praying I get to do more things like this!

Dana said, “I feel like I’m re-wallpapering my mind. The old wallpaper had words in bold, such as looser, stupid, white-trailer trash, ugly, etc. But through daily study of the verses, I’m putting up new words, such as: loved, accepted, adopted, a great pleasure, redeemed, forgiven, treasured possessionand my mind seems more clear, certain, new and fresh.

Peggy said, “The biggest draw for me is its alignment with scripture. Very hard to find these days… Also, I am smiling because I am in a place of re-aligning with God and find it amazing how blessings have begun, once again, popping up everywhere, that feed and strengthen my spirit. This, is one of them! Your genuineness, joy and truth ring through.”

Barbara said, “One thing that’s interesting, and that I forget, is that we are made in God’s image and when we criticize ourselves, we are criticizing God’s creation. I think that puts things in a different perspective.”

Dana said, “I have really liked how this program has started out slow and given us a chance to get our feet wet… I feel like, with the years of stinking thinking that I’ve got, I have to crack through icebergs. I’ve been waiting for this program, and I wanted to jump in gung-ho, but you’ve started out really soft with the verses that you’ve shared and the stories you’ve shared and that’s made it really easy for me to ease into it because I feel like this has been a major bondage and major weakness in my life; I believed the garbage for so longthank you so much for this program. I love the teaching. I’ve never heard anything about it or heard teaching on it.”