How Self-Confidence Helps Me Prevail

By Kristen Clark

As a woman wearing many hats, I have learned the value of self-confidence.  It is only with this assurance I am able to triumphantly meet the needs of my employer, serve my husband and family, and shepherd others in ministry.  But having self-confidence didn’t come naturally. I had to develop this certitude through the daily habit of aligning my thoughts about myself with what God says about me.

For me, this exercise needs to be a daily habit, otherwise my mind becomes a playground for the enemy’s voice and I begin to feel undeserving, ill-equipped, and insufficient. Simple tasks become significant challenges. I hesitate to volunteer for new projects at the office, initiate a creative date night with my husband, and forgive harsh criticism from church members. My best intentions become the target of fear (of failure, rejection, or exposure). I rationalize and justify behavior that contradicts my efforts and I start to question my ability.

Why do I think I can do this project? What if my husband thinks my idea is stupid? What grand experience or insights can I offer those in my small group? Why me?

To overcome these negative thoughts, I practice three daily steps:

  1. Read two scripture verses each morning.
  2. Look up the definitions and synonyms of the key words in each verse.
  3. Read what my study Bible says about each verse and any referenced scripture.

These easy steps are manageable each morning. Two scripture verses are enough for me to internalize and apply to my situations throughout the day. Looking up key words and synonyms in a dictionary allows me to correct any definitions I had wrong. Reading what my study Bible says about each verse gives me clarity about the verse’s context, history, and application.

By following these three steps, I get a daily dose of my value and worth. The question why me? then becomes why NOT me?! 

I am a child of the Most High King. I am His ambassador, set apart for a holy purpose. I have been hand-picked, hand-chosen, and mercifully forgiven. I am the work of His hand. I have been created perfectly and for His glory.  AND I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.  

The end result? Feelings are replaced by facts. Confidence returns and I become able to volunteer for that special project at work, plan a fun and creative evening with my husband, and respond to constructive feedback from church members.

The scriptures warn me to be alert and of sober mind (1 Peter 5:8) because the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Thankfully, I have been given authority to overcome the enemy (Luke 10:19), which I do by wielding the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17). In this way, I rise above and prevail.


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