Life Still Has Meaning Prints

Life Still Has Meaning Beach  Life Still Has Meaning Forest  Life Still Has Meaning Poppies  Life Still Has Meaning Skyline

Life has great meaning, and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that fact.  Sometimes we need to remind someone else of that fact.

In an effort to honor and celebrate the life of women everywhere, I offer this token as a reminder of the power of hope and new tomorrows.  Featuring some of my favorite images, this truly inspiring message reminds us to be hopeful.

Each message is the same, only the picture is different.

Click on the image above to open or download these messages to your computer.  Pray them over yourself and your Sisters. Print them.  Frame them.  Hang them anywhere you like. Encourage one another by passing them along.

This is a gift… from my heart to yours.

Life Still Has Meaning Beach

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