Six Ways to Grow Spiritually, Connect with God, and Increase Confidence

By Kristen Clark

Our ability to grow spiritually requires an intentional and intimate relationship with God.  In connecting with Him on a deeper level, we learn to trust Him to do what we cannot do ourselves.   In essence, we increase our confidence – in Him and in us.  Use the suggested approaches below to develop your faith and increase your confidence in God.

Faith is the key to spiritual growth and requires a deep and personal connection with God.  He wants to be the head of our hearts, king of our souls, and guide to our spirits.  By allowing Him free reign in these areas we create an opportunity for lasting intimacy with the Creator.  From intimacy comes confidence – in Him and in us.  Here are six ways I increase my faith and confidence.  You might also find them helpful.

1.  Pray.  Reach out to God through prayer and surrender to him everything that makes you anxious and worried; let go of those things you are powerless over and let God meet your needs with His grand and divine solutions.   Present to Him your heart-felt concerns and listen for His wisdom and guidance.  Don’t forget to praise Him in the process, showing your gratitude and thanksgiving for all He has done for you.  Connect with God through prayer and feel the unexplainable peace that will protect your heart and mind through all situations.

2.  Read the Scriptures.  The scriptures are the foundation for our success.  They direct our paths and encourage our efforts.  They offer life lessons and suggest compelling principles to live by.  Make time every day to read the scriptures in your effort to understand God’s plan for you and apply His teachings to your life.  Read a Study Bible for additional context and clarity, and any other scriptures referenced.  Let God’s Word be your compass.

3.  Fellowship with God and Others.  Keep company with God and those who also want to grow spiritually.  Learn from the experience, strength, and hope of those who have gone before you.  Listen to and apply their wisdom and truth to your own life circumstances.  Pray together.  Dine together.  Praise God together.  Read the Bible together.  This is how we hold each other accountable and invite help where we need it most.

4.  Embrace Suffering and Adversity.  Life happens and nowhere does it say that life with God makes us immune to or free from trials and tribulations.  Stretch yourself by pressing through hardship and adversity.  Experience suffering in all aspects.  It is through difficulties that we develop talents and skills that God will use later.  It is through hard times that we grow – in faith, confidence, and strength. Experience the pain and celebrate the progress.

5.  Rest and Rejuvenate.  We often make things harder because we don’t take the time to nurture and care for ourselves.  We are not Super Heroes.  We are human beings with limitations.   It is critical that we recognize our limits and tend to our needs in order for us to be our best, reach our highest potential, fulfill our noble purpose, and be the very person God created us to be.  Make time for quiet and peace, and listen for God’s personal message for you.  Be still and know that He is God.

6.  Participate in Service Work.  Find opportunities to help others.  Serve in ministry at your church.  Serve in community at your local library or hospital.  Volunteer your time and talents to help someone else.  When we help others we get out of self and become an instrument God can use.  Be a good steward of opportunities for assistance; don’t hesitate when the need arises and serve with a heart of willingness and humility.

Spiritual growth takes time.  Not unlike any other relationship, developing an intimate and personal relationship with God requires an effort on our part.  It requires us to be willing, present, and vulnerable.  When we offer ourselves in this regard, and follow the steps outlined above, we mature spiritually and connect with God on deeper levels.  In essence, we grow in confidence – in Him and in ourselves.


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