Video Transcript – About a Whisper Walk

Affirm one another with whispers of scriptures about how God sees youHave you ever been on a whisper walk?  Are you wonder exactly what one is?  A whisper walk is an activity where participants whisper God’s truth to each other for affirmation of how God sees them.

  • Each participant is given a scripture verse.
  • Each participant stands in one of two lines.
  • Each participant is slowly guided down the center of the two lines with her eyes closed, while listening to each member in the line whisper a scripture verse into her ears.
  • Everyone gets to be a “whisperer” and a “walker”, so everyone gets to hear (and be affirmed by) all of the scripture verses.

Most people have not done a whisper walk and find the experience of listening to whispers of God’s truth enlightening and deeply spiritual.  It’s a great way for participants to be affirmed of God’s truth about who they are and Whose they are, and begin the practice of quieting their minds and listening for His personal messages.

Read on for more information about hosting your own Whisper Walk, and let me know if you’d like me to come host one for you and your group.  I’m always happy to.