Video Transcript: Why Study the Bible

Tips for Studying the Bible

As human beings, we don’t always see things accurately; we often have misperceptions, and psychologists attribute misperceptions to seeing things through distorted lenses.  Our lenses become distorted by our wants, needs, prejudices, experiences, education, and memories.  Unfortunately, because of our distorted lenses, our brain can take over our thoughts, attack our self-worth, and question our abilities.  This happens when deceptive brain messages intrude into our psyche; left to its own devices, our brain can cause us to believe things that are not true.

I want to see the truth.  More specifically, I want to see what God sees.  After all, God is the creator of the universe and I, too, have been created by Him.  And, there is nothing in the Bible that claims or suggests that God has distorted lenses.   In fact, He does not.  He is perfect, and I want to see what He sees.  I want to see His crystal clear, accurate, bonafied, certifiable, truth.

So, I’m going to turn to the Bible. I’m going to turn to the Bible because I believe; I believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God.   I believe it is entirely truthful, not only for me but for you, as well. 

Take time while you’re here to check out my suggested Bible study tips, and prepare for a breakthrough in your effort to see yourself as God sees you.