Divine Healing – the “What”

Divine healing can restore us in confidence and self-esteem

Divine healing can provide the strength we need to face our adversities with dignity and grace.

When something is healed it is made sound or whole; it is mended, patched-up, cured, rehabilitated; it is brought back to its original state of purity or integrity.

I remember when my daughter’s leg was put in a cast for three months.  After a few x-rays, the doctor determined that she had developed stress fractures in her tibia.  She was instructed to wear the cast for three months, take proper care of the cast and her leg, and follow up with him periodically.  When the cast came off, her tibia was restored back to its normal state and strength.  It had healed.

In the same way, a person can be emotionally healed.  Julie was a dedicated employee who was laid off from work.  Immediately, she fell into a deep depression and required professional counseling to recover from her feelings of loss, abandonment, inadequacy, and resentment.  After a few productive sessions she was able to change her mind about herself, embrace her skills and talents, and look for another job elsewhere.  She was emotionally healed from that unfortunate situation and restored to the hope that enabled her to press on to victory – she found a better job that came with a better salary.

Sometimes the injustice is more serious.  Take for example cases of abuse, rape, molestation, or miscarriage.  In cases like these the wound is much deeper and the best healing available is the divine healing delivered by God:

  • He who forgives our sins and heals us from our diseases (including our dis-ease or uneasiness of self) (Psalm 103:3);
  • He who redeems our lives and crowns us with love and compassion (Psalm 103:4);
  • He who restores our lives and increases our honor, comforting us once more (Psalm 71:19-21).

It is within the process of divine healing that we find peace and acceptance in our situation and become at ease with ourselves.  Ultimately, we become able to face our adversities with dignity and grace, and move forward in victory.  This is good news!

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