Emotional Healing Video Transcript

Emotional healing can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, and help you be more successful in all areas of your lifeThe ability to renew our minds and build confidence often requires emotional healing from some deep injustice – caused by ourselves (as a result of our own free will and sinful nature, knowingly or not) or by someone else.  And many of us struggle to cope with the guilt and shame that come with the injustice and believing it was our fault; we must have done something to deserve it.  In such cases a divine healing is required for us to rise above the adversity and move forward with any assurance. 

Thankfully, divine healing is available.  

Click the links below to learn the What and the How of Divine Healing, and take the time to review the provided scripture verses on the subject.  See which ones apply to you and your personal situation, read the verses, and apply my suggested Bible Study tips in your effort to renew your mind, rise above your adversity, and move forward.