Scripture Verses on Healing

Scripture verses for divine healing

Heal me, Oh Lord.

Below are just some of the areas in which emotional healing is available through divine healing. See which ones apply to you and your personal situation, read the verses, and apply my suggested Bible Study tips in your effort to renew your mind, rise above your adversity, and move forward with assurance.


Healing for Pain and Suffering – Isaiah 53:4-5
Expanded concepts: Fixing, renovating, repairing, and patching up feelings of punishment, grief, and ache.

Healing for the Brokenhearted – Isaiah 61:1
Expanded concepts: Fixing, renovating, repairing, and patching up feelings of grief, sadness, depression, forlornness, heartache, melancholy, sorrow, unhappiness, and woe.

Freedom for Bondage – Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18
Expanded concepts: Discharging, emancipating, liberating, releasing, unbinding, unchaining, and turning loose those held in slavery, captivity, and service to pain and misery.

Comfort for Mourning – Isaiah 61:2
Expanded concepts: Assuring, consoling, reassuring, and cheering up those who are feeling sorrow and grief over loss.

Beauty for Ashes – Isaiah 61:3
Expanded concepts: Emotional healing in the form of qualities that give pleasure and exalt the mind or spirit; a particularly graceful, ornamental, or excellent quality; replacing grief, repentance, humiliation, or ruin.

Joy for Mourning – Isaiah 61:3
Expanded concepts: Feeling bliss, blessedness, gladness, and happiness instead of sorrow and grief over loss.

Praise for Despair – Isaiah 61:3
Expanded concepts: Celebrating, glorifying, and commending situations instead of feeling hopelessness or lacking in confidence about situations.

Double Portion and Joy for Shame and Disgrace – Isaiah 61:7
Expanded concepts: Feeling eternal, endless, permanent, undying, and unending joy and double portions in blessings in place of regret, remorse, guilt, humiliation, and dishonor.

Sight for Blindness – Luke 4:18
Expanded concepts: Vision, rational discrimination, guidance, direction, awareness, and consciousness to those whose judgment is restricted, clouded, and lacking in discernment.

Freedom for Condemnation – Romans 8:1-2
Expanded concepts: Freedom from blame, rebuke, reprimand, reproach.

Dancing for Wailing – Psalm 30:11-12
Expanded concepts: Gaiety, bliss, delight, and gladness in place of lamenting, complaining, grumbling, moaning, and whining.

Justice for the Injured – Isaiah 30:18-19
Expanded concepts: Righteousness, fairness, equity, and sympathy for those who have been wronged.


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